Friday, 8 July 2016

E-commerce Website Designing Company in Indore, India

Electronic commerce has revolutionized the world. Today we can access any product from all over the planet. ABIT CORP makes beautiful, easy to manage ecommerce websites that deliver more online revenues. Our ecommerce solutions keep your business relevant in an evolving marketplace.

Features of our ecommerce solutions are:

1.       High end professional design
2.       Unique retailer user interface
3.       Robust ecommerce platform
4.       Competitive Pricing
5.       We make it simple for users to handle their stores
6.       Payment gateway integration
7.       Easy login process ( facebook and Gmail login)
8.       OTP Verification
9.       Shipping API Integration
10.   SMS integration
11.   Easy one page checkout
12.   My account information
13.   Similar product listing
14.   Building marketplace
15.   Dealer registration
16.   Amazon, ebay clone
17.   Mobile friendly
18.   Wish list and quick view option
19.   Simple to use client can easily update products at any time
20.   Sell your products online
21.   Quick easy and convenient
22.   Inventory management
23.   Ratings & Reviews
24.   Description of product
25.   Sizes colors variants
26.   Custom Theme development 

5 Trends driving Ecommerce
-People don’t have time
-More option availability
-Don’t like sales people to follow for everything
-Cheaper prices
-Can buy from any dealer, retailer or manufacturer products across the world
We provide a one stop solution for an eCommerce companies like web portal development,making graphics of offers and deals, providing API of payment gateway sms gateway shipping gateway etc, Data entry operator for adding & maintaining your web portal, SEO services and many more.
Need of seo services in Ecommerce:
-seo services helps in increasing search visibility of your ecommerce site
-Brand promotion and importance
-Increases sales
-Minimize the marketing overheads
ABIT CORP Website designing company  in Indore is a full service agency. We deliver outstanding results across three key business areas: branding and graphic design; website design and development; and on- and offline digital marketing. Our skill lies in combining these disciplines to help our clients attract and engage customers.
We founded our business in Indore, India with the aim of providing high quality digital design and development work for smaller businesses with smaller budgets. We’re a dedicated team of professionals with large company experience and business owners who understand the problems small businesses face.
Our motto of delivering quality development and on time is very important to the online marketplace. With an ever-increasing need for digital content and a steep incline in the amount of search traffic coming from mobile devices, we help small businesses upgrade their websites so they can compete effectively.
We can help you increase your sales if any of the following apply:
> Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices
> Not having Clean Coding
> Slow opening of website
> Not SEO freindly URL
> Your web presence doesn’t do your business justice
> Potential customers are being picked up by your competitors
> Existing customers aren’t ordering as often as you’d like
> You’re getting a poor response from internet
> You’d like to build your customer base but don’t know where to advertise
> You have no Social Media Strategy in place

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